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David Behrens

 David is the owner of Dugosh Aviation, LLC.

He is a certified A&P with an Inspection Authorization.


David has over 40 years experience working with all industry makes and models. David started working at Mooney Aircraft Company then later joined Charlie and Ronnie at the original Dugosh Aircraft Service Company. From the Mooney Mite to the M20TN, David’s vast knowledge and experience with Mooney aircraft will ensure your Mooney is well taken care of.




Charles Moran

Charley is an aircraft mechanic with extensive experience in sheet metal and structural repair, airframe components, flight controls and hydraulics.  


Charley was trained in the Navy where he was a Collateral Duty Inspector maintaining and inspecting EA6B Prowlers. He also trained at Hallmark, San Antonio, TX. Charley is experienced on Mooney and Cessna aircraft. 

Micha Behrens

Micha is our Office Coordinator responsible for scheduling, parts and customer service.  


Micha joined our team in 2016 and has strived from day one to give our clients the attention to detail they deserve.